What happened at Coding Dojo Bootcamp


Many people have asked me about my experience at Coding Dojo. And I can perfectly understand why people are so curious… Coding Dojo is not the normal path of people who want to start a new career and become a developer.

Coding Dojo is not a school, I may say it is not a company, at least not a traditional company. I think Coding Dojo is more like a community.

But for me, it was an learning accelerator. I can’t imagine how long it would take me to learn all this things. From Wireframing, HTML, CSS and jQuery to PHP and Codeigniter, to Ruby on Rails. Including OOP, AJAX, Database design and MySql, a little bite of Cloud Server and an overview of Mobile App prototyping with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap. It’s just a lot for only a few weeks.

If I try to summarize it, some of my treats from it are:

  • I can consider myself a beginner full stack developer. I can understand the process of developing a web application from concept development and wireframes to deployment and testing.
  • I got a pretty decent level of working proficiency in Front-end technologies, specially HTML, CSS and jQuery. 
  • I learned the fundamentals of two Back-end technologies (PHP and Ruby) and their frameworks. And I have projects to prove it.
  • I’m part of a great community of new developers and I had the opportunity to share this intense and fun experience with a group of smart and hard-working people. And I’m sure I would keep in touch with many of them for many years.
  • I know what I want: keep learning and building stuff.

I know the developer path is long and it’s an endless learning process. But I’m so happy to have found Coding Dojo to start this new path. I’ve learned from Michael, Coding Dojo team and classmates a lot. It has been just so enriching and educational that I think I could be more lucky!
Thank you all!

No it’s time to get out there and prove what I can really do! And keep learning! 😉


7 thoughts on “What happened at Coding Dojo Bootcamp

  1. Hello Tamara

    I am a business graduate student from Canada and looking to join Coding Dojo after graduating.
    I am wondering if I could chat with you more on the learning experience?

  2. Hello Tamara,

    I am considering going to study at Coding Dojo.

    I was looking for someone that actually went through the program to tell me details of their experience there.
    If it’s a possible that I can talk to you about your experience there, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  3. wooohoooo! Mi experiencia en el Dojo empieza en Enero 6, 2014!!!! Muchas Felicidades, Tamara! Sólo una pregunta. En dónde te quedaste, cómo conseguiste alojamiento?

    Muchas Gracias!

    Future Full Stack Code Ninja!!!!

    • Yeah! Bienvenido a Silicon Valley!
      Yo estoy viviendo acá desde 2012. Así que el alojamiento lo tenía resuelto.
      Te puedo recomendar checar startupembassy.com o buscar algún lugar cerca de Coding Dojo en Airbnb.
      Si te puedo ayudar con cualquier cosa avisame!

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