Lifetime memories, thanks and 580 days in California

I just watched a video about how being grateful makes you happy and it made me remember a lot of great memories. And I feel thankful and happy.

I learned that being grateful is important many years ago from a great mentor and friend, José Adolfo López Sampsom Félix, who I call just Josefo. And he taught us it’s important not only to feel it, but say it. It’s important to say thank you to all the people that gave you something big or small along your life.

Now, I don’t remember if I said “thanks” to him for this lesson and I think this is a good opportunity to do it. Almost 10 years later, thank you Josefo! Thanks for teaching us to be thankful among a lot of other things.

I can’t count all the people that have taught me something. I can’t count all the people that have given me their time and attention and love. But I want to send big thanks and big love to all of you. I hope sometime I can thank you personally all of you.

And please, people who is reading this… I really recommend you saying thanks the most you can. It feels right and it’s proved it helps you be happier! And it’s free.

Finally, just saying, I have been living in California 580 days (1 year and 7 months exactly). It’s quite a long time, right?